â€‹During the 14 years that the McKenzie family was involved with Penny Branch, we hosted many events and outings.  Most notably, Penny Branch was the site for the Annual Patriot Spring Blast and the Thomas Heyward Rebel Cup.  We were the home course for several local golf teams and the home course for an up-and-coming lady golfer.  Many articles were written about us and we were one of four golf courses chosen by The Golf Channel for their program Destination Golf:  South Carolina. We developed an outstanding logo and a memorable, catchy jingle. 

We've decided to post photos from some of these events, as well as news articles and awards that we've won, for you to enjoy.  We've also posted the video from The Golf Channel - watch it and enjoy.  

We did our best to put Furman on the map...and we did a pretty good job of it!

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