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Our Name

Many people ask where the name "Penny Branch" came from.  The name is derived from a small creek (branch) that runs through the farm.  Legend has it that there is a treasure buried somewhere in the creek bed.  Folklore says that it can only be found at midnight, on a full moon, in absolute silence.  If the treasure hunter makes any sound at all, the treasure will not be found.  Perhaps the true treasure of Penny Branch Club is the beautiful golf course! 
The McKenzies were able to conceive a very unique and challenging course by implementing concepts that they observed from courses throughout the Southeast and combining those ideas with their own ideas. They were very conscious of maintaining the beauty of the old farm while creating a golf course that would be inviting to all. Feedback from players has been phenomenal. Penny Branch Club offers a mix of difficult holes with holes that give the golfer a sense of achievement. Penny Branch is a course that both expert golfers and beginners can enjoy and was featured on The Golf Channel's program Destination Golf: South Carolina. 
Penny Branch Club is situated on the McKenzie farm in peaceful Furman, South Carolina, amidst the picturesque beauty of the South Carolina Lowcountry. It was here during the early '80s that Truett and Susan McKenzie made the decision to shift from farming to the golf course service industry. Over the years, Trumac Sales has been instrumental in the maintenance, irrigation, and construction of many courses in the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, and Virginia. In fact, Truett McKenzie and his son Chris have worked with most of the major courses in the Southeast, as well as working with some of the top golf course design firms in the nation. Chris, an avid golfer, decided to build a few practice holes to serve two purposes: first, as a way of training their employees on proper aeration techniques; and secondly, in order to play more golf. With these few holes, the dream of Penny Branch Club was born. After much prompting from family and friends, the few holes soon became 9. In August 1999, Penny Branch Club opened to the public as a 9-hole golf course. Due to the overwhelming success of the front 9, Penny Branch quickly expanded to a full 18-hole course and their daughter, Wendy, joined the family business after a successful banking career.  

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